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Got #lowbattery Need #openoutlet

Whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ll eventually come across a #lowbattery or #openoutlet. At the moment, these are merely comments on a situation, even dire ones–last glimmers of social activity before the smartphone gets stupid.

OpenOutlet.org, and yours truly, seek to solve this problem until the low battery becomes a thing of the past thanks to battery technology. In the mean time, the gap between having a low battery phone and finding a place to charge it (#openoutlet and #usbcable) is our mission. To bring you there, we have developed a crowd tagging app to allow you to add an #openoutlet to our map. Whether at your departure gate at the airport or sitting in an English class on Campus, tag that #openoutlet. We use FourSquare to help you identify #openoutlets at coffee shops and most public places. There’s the ability to snap a picture and write up a simple text description in case finding the #openoutlet is harder than just being there. And there are a ton of more features planned.

What we need most of all, right now, are dedicated users. Perhaps that’s you? :-)

In case you’re wondering why the app isn’t in the store yet, it’s because it’s being tested. That’s where you #earlyadopters come in handy. Whether you’re geeky and/or just want to help, we WANT you badly. The more, the merrier, and the more tagged #openoutlets. As you can imagine, asking the operations desk of a major airport for their floor plans that might identify #openoutlets is suspicious.

Now, if you see someone post #lowbattery send them our way to #openoutlet for a chance to survive and succeed. No matter how you found yourself with #lowbattery we’re understanding (just like mom) and there’s likely a safe haven for you and your phone to get the boost you need.

The Long Goodbye to the Fog of Open Outlets

Does this outlet work?

Does this outlet work?

Have you heard of the fog of war?  It is a term used to describe uncertainty by personnel in military operations. Thanks to radar and field communication, the fog of war has been lifted. And with the wide ranging apps for nearly every utility ever thought of, one might think that there is no fog when it comes to finding things, online or offline.

There is indeed a layer of uncertainty affecting urban workers, travelers, and students when it comes to finding a place to plug your battery-drained smartphone. For some, they turn to their car for a boost. Everyone else is left to fend for themselves, and on an individual basis.

Open Outlet aims to fill this void and lift the fog of uncertainty to reveal where open outlets are on map, and in proximity to wherever you and when you need it most. Part mobile app, part hashtag and part movement, the Open Outlet project aims to solve this problem by using crowdsourcing, social media, and its own app to  map the world’s open outlets, wherever you roam.

Open Outlet is currently seeking beta testers, who use an iPhone, and who can answer a resounding Yes to any of these questions:

  • I suffer from premature low battery frequently and want to help solve this problem for myself and others
  • I travel quite a bit and I often discover open outlets and I want to be an integral part of a movement
  • I’m a college campus warrior, and a geek, and I know where I can charge my phone and laptop at any given notice. I am able to help others too.

If interested, please email Open Outlet’s creator at chief @ pillar support.com