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Pre-Launch Testing in Seattle

The very first tweet using the OpenOutlet app and official @OpenOutletApp Twitter account happened right here in Seattle where yours truly is exploring. And I am relieved to see that all the testing done thus far has yielded a great, bug-free save and share.

The Analog Coffee shop in Capital Hill had a 2x outlet on the back wall. Though they lacked as many outlets as they had space for people with #lowbattery phones, they made up for it in ambiance and a solid cup of coffee.

The OAIR 6000mAh Battery

Made in China with the same design sense as Apple from its packaging to the device itself. When Johnny introduced me to this device I thought I saw every battery charger out there (thanks to curating my Pinterest board). What makes the OAIR different from the others, ironically, is its heft.

Shrinking a battery also shrinks its capacity. For one time emergency use its nice to have a battery the fits in your back pocket and you can actually sit on it. I know that’s only good enough for about 35% battery gain and practically speaking 20 minutes of email, surfing and talking.

When you’re carrying a backpack or a bag, what’s another six ounces that can boost a few iPhones while traveling?

That’s where the OAIR 6000 fits–in the middle. And perfect for the urban public transport traveller who uses their iPhone and their laptop to conduct global and local activities.

Its heft is welcomed because of its gold finish. It features that same gold tone as the iPhone 6 and the same matte textured finish as the Bluetooth track pad (shown above) or a MacBook. It’s cool to the touch when not being charged or charging. And it’s so damn cool to look at, hold and behold.

More than a battery, it also represents well-designed electronics coming from China to enhance our lives, one charge at a time.