A Coffee Shop without Outlets

I love Oakland’s Blue Bottle coffee. More and more of them have been popping up in Los Angeles. I no longer need to go to the one in Downtown’s Arts District to enjoy one as there is a more convenient West Hollywood location now. 

Sadly, this open and gorgeous space of clean lines, Danish-inspired furniture and white brick walls lacks our most precious commodity: an open outlet. Not even one for the utilization for the shop owners themselves can be borrowed here. 

  It nonchalantly says “Don’t bother camping here all day as you sip one cup of $4 coffee.”
Yet, as pretty as the space is, it doesn’t absorb sound very well. Combine chairs without felt-padded feet grating against a concrete floor, whining children of wired parents, and the banging and clanking that go with grinding and making pour over coffee, this place is LOUD. 

If you find yourself nearby, don’t come to Blue Bottle for an open outlet. 

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