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Obscure Charging Stations Where Party People Party

This neon glowing tower will not only make your teeth glow white but it apparently will also recharge your phone. 

On a recent vacation to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, I found a spatter of public charging devices. Belo Horizonte is the third largest city in Brazil even though most non-Brazilians never heard of it. It’s equal in size to Phoenix, Arizona. Brazilians love being connected with Facebook and Whatsapp. In fact, TV shows, news channels, businesses, even their president, use Whatsapp as their main form of communication–yes, people, texting. In Brazil, you can understand why Facebook bought Whatsapp for billions of dollars (insert maniacal laugh here). Long before Facebook became the lingua franca of social connectedness, Brazilians were the main users of Orkut (a Google creation). 

So the need to remain charged is essential for Brazilians despite their dual app needs (versus my own multi-app ecosystem) particularly when out and about drinking, eating, socializing and partying. In Belo Horizonte where it’s an inland city, they say in Portuguese: “Nao tem mar, tem bar,” which somewhat translates to “we don’t have the sea but we have bars,” and such is the life of the young and old here. You have lots of sidewalk cafes where beer and bar food are served until 2am. And in the more chic neighborhoods of Lourdes and Santa Lucia, there you’ll find charging stations on each floor of bars and restaurants encouraging partners to party on. 

While here I managed to tag just two #openoutlets but I remain confident that as Open Outlet’s mission spreads, more BH’s and Brazilians alike will follow suit. 



My First Encounter with a Charging Station


While visiting the Diamond Mall in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, I was pleasantly surprised to see this charging station. It looked brand new and not beaten up as many look at airports. Smartly, this was located beside an information desk and the Diamond Mall is one of Belo Horizonte’s finer malls. 

Though in Portuguese, the screen interface and the overall hardware interface were pretty intuitive: put your phone inside a box, plug in the appropriate cable and close and lock the door; keep the key on your person and return 30 minutes later to more battery power. 

In Belo Horizonte, the two most popular apps that consume Brazilian time and battery power are Facebook and Whatsapp. Those are two mighty good reasons to stay powered and avoid #lowbattery. 

Here are some images of the charging station:

 Obrigado #chargboxbrasil !!