San Francisco Needs Open Outlet

At a touristy destination like Fisherman’s Wharf, doesn’t it make sense for tourists to get charged up before they continue strolling an snapping selfies or sea lions and Alcatraz?

Whether you’re from out of town or from another continent, we all suffer from premature #lowbattery. And like bathroom and snack pit stops, you’re iPhone needs some recharging as well. 

The Starbucks on Jones Street at Fisherman’s Wharf in the thick of tourists has been tagged for you, courtesy of yours truly. 

Help me find more please with the Open Outlet app. 

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Induction charging

Your Phone: Love It, Hate It


I love my phone but when the battery is #lowbattery I don’t know who to hate–my phone or my careless use of it. Of course, when blaming my phone I am including Apple. Back in the day, my Blackberry never lasted only a day but I barely did much more than phone and email, and nowhere near the volume of email I do today (far more phone calls back then). I could not surf the web with it. Potential utilization was low back then. 

Today my phone is much more than a Swiss army pocket knife. It’s my portable computer for mobile access to writing a blog post, to Shazaming that KCRW song on the radio, to Yelping that falafel place on Melrose, to checking out this week’s beautiful weather report in Los Angeles. 

And whenever I can, I contribute a outlet to my Open Outlet project to help someone one day when their hating their phone or their over utilization of their phone and have serious #lowbattery and could use a place to plug in. 

On Your Person Charging

I am not always carrying a backpack or driving around in a car, even though I live in Los Angeles. Sometimes I am physically parked at a cafe surfing the web feverishly, sipping a hot tea, for hours on my iPhone. I can be researching, emailing, playing some Crossy Road, listening to Spotify, checking in on my cat using Homeboy, and monitoring my health with Fitbit. There’s a lot to do with an iPhone these days, as long as my battery is full enough.

That leads me to a wonderful combination of two gadgets that I can carry on my person without feeling much impact (like carrying my laundry on my head). You’ll find these two among 659 other unique charging-related pins on my Pinterest Board #OpenOutlet.

In my wallet, and back pocket, is Triple C’s Ultra-Thin¬†1300mAh battery. It’s about as thick as five credit cards. The only indicator is both a button and a 3-way indicator light to let you know how much battery life you have. There’s a micro USB port for recharging the battery and a standard female USB port for charging any smartphone. The USB port has a cover that slides up and over to expand the USB port. Since it’s designed to slip into a wallet, it’s likely designed to support the weight of my butt (at least 185 pounds) on it daily, and throughout the day I do impact testing (sitting, standing, sitting, standing, etc.).

Triple C’s Ultra Thin wallet-sized USB battery

On my key chain, also with little impact in weight or bulk, is ChargeKey’s Lightning to USB cable. It’s mostly a rubber, flimsy cable, without the metal cover that often accompanies a USB cable (less likely lint will be trapped inside this cover). The ‘handle’ that connects to your key chain is made of a harder plastic, so even as you shove it in your pocket multiple times a day, it never feels like it’s going to break off.

ChargeKey’s key chain Lightning to USB cable


The dynamic duo in action!


The combination of both of these essential charging gadgets makes it very easy for me to be well-prepared in the event that I have to charge up my #lowbattery or assist in helping someone else out.

I highly recommend this pair!