Support + FAQ

Support for Open Outlet App is available within the app (Information > Feedback). There you can leave questions, comments, feedback and feature requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I view the Pinterest Open Outlet board inside the app?

When you tap into the Pinterest icon on the bottom navigation menu, you are using the browser within the app that surfs to one page exclusively. On that page you have a secondary option, a link, that reads “Continue in browser” which is located below the big red button. Choose the link, and you will see the massive collection of open outlets collected in our Pinterest board.

2. Sometimes I cannot locate myself on the map–I end up somewhere in the middle of an ocean. Why does this happen?

When there is a weak Internet connection, it cannot get a lock on your location, so the app defaults to the “middle of nowhere.” It’s best to get a better signal or tap into a WiFi connection, if one is available.

3. Why are there a lot of tagged outlets in Los Angeles but nowhere else in the world?

That’s because the creator of the app lives in Los Angeles and he tested the app with locations he found himself in, usually in proximity to where he works and lives. That should not deter you from “owning” your neck of the woods (even if you live in LA too!) and tagging all of the outlets near where you work, live and roam. There is no directory of open outlets, and this app is designed to crowd source them with some assistance from Four Square to provide venue names.

4. What’s a Super Tagger?

That’s somebody who more than casually tags outlets, but is intent on helping Open Outlet by tagging an entire realm of open outlets (malls, airports, college campuses, coffee shops in a city, etc.). These taggers are credited with identifying an open outlet, inside the app (with their Twitter handle). Plus, Super Taggers get stickers!!


Super Taggers get free stickers to place on open outlet they tag (as long as it’s not an induction/Qi charger). Super Taggers are brand ambassadors that promote the app, the project and also help recruit more Super Taggers and casual taggers alike.

5. How do I become a Super Tagger?

We take Super Taggers seriously and seek those with a real committment to helping us grow. Application to become a Super Tagger is open to all taggers who have:

  • Installed the app on their iPhone
  • Tagged 25 outlets or more while logged in with their Twitter account, in 5 business days.
  • And have filled out the application form linked here

We encourage as many Super Tagger applicants as possible and count on all of our users to help us grow!