Yo! WATTUp (TM) is Bringing Wireless Charging to the Future

by Marty Kaufman

Open Outlet is constantly in search of the latest charging technology designed to better our lives. In the area of wireless charging, one company (for the moment) stands out among its peers and may change the way we use our wireless devices, forever. Energous Corporation (“Energous®”) (ticker symbol WATT), is the developer of WattUp(TM), a revolutionary wire-free charging technology for mobile and IoT devices that provides “over-the-air” power at a distance of up to 15 feet. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It appears that the “holy grail” of wireless charging is on its way and will eventually be incorporated into all of your wireless devices, including smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Picture this: You walk into your local coffee house, dead cell phone in hand, dead watch on wrist, and no charging cable anywhere to be found. Not to worry. Your local java proprietor happens to love technology. Front and center in his store is a wireless charging kiosk. Miraculously your devices are brought back from the dead, much like Lazarus on a Sunday afternoon. Yes…this is the snapshot of your future, thanks to WATT.

Watt just released its financial results for its latest quarter. While the company is far from profitable, it is growing rapidly. In its report, WATT reported that it has “partnered” with a “Tier One Consumer Electronics” company for the development and licensing of embedded “WattUp technology” which will be incorporated into various products including, but not limited to, mobile consumer electronics and related accessories. More importantly, WATT reported that it developed the world’s “First RF (“radio frequency”) Power Receive Chip which directs current (DC) into an integrated circuit (IC) that is designed to power smaller wearable and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that require 10 watts or less. WATT reports this application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is the first of its kind in the world and measures just 3mm x 3mm. Apparently, the WATT technology will allow a device to draw a charge, wirelessly, from several feet away.

Forgive our “gushing” over the potential for a smartphone to catch a wireless charge, simply from being located anywhere near a transmitter. Until we see it, we hold a respectful level of “oh yeah” skepticism. However, from the looks of things WATT is about to change lives. Stay tuned.

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